How to Spot Fake Modeling Agencies

A lot of aspiring models fall victims to scams run by fake modeling agencies. Therefore, models need to be very careful when selecting an agency. One of the ways that models can protect themselves from falling victim to such scams is by being aware about the kind of scams to watch out for.

Modeling agencies normally make money by earning a commission for every job that they help the models get. If you find a modeling agency that expects you to make payments even when you haven’t started working, then this is probably a fake agency. If an agency starts charging you extra fees such as consultation fee, photo session fees, representation fees or any other drummed up fees, then this is not the right agency for you.

Genuine modeling agencies normally have office building and operate from Mondays to Fridays. Never will a legitimate model agent ask you to meet him/her at his home. You should also never meet the agents in hotels or any other places apart from the agency. Many young naïve models have been seriously hurt y going for such meetings. Working hours are normally between 9am and 5pm on weekday;, be very cautious if an agent asks you to meet him after hours or even during the weekends.

Ensure that you join a modeling agency that is registered. Legitimate agencies have licenses displayed on their walls. Be very wary of modeling agencies that none of you, your family or friends have ever heard of. Also avoid agencies that don’t have any working models. You can check for the agencies listings and see, who they represent, if there’s no one that you know of, avoid the agency.

There are modeling agencies that not only run money scams but they also run scams for sexual gratification. An agency will ask models to go for a professional photo shoot at the agency only to ask them to pose nude or semi nude. A legitimate agency will never ask you to do this; a fake agency may do this just to exploit you sexually. They may then sell or distribute these photos further exposing you. Even if you want to be a lingerie or swimsuit model, the agency will never take nude photos of you; they will look at your portfolio or invite you for a casting call.

When you submit your application to the modeling agencies, they will schedule for a meeting with you before they start getting you jobs. If an agent tells you that they have gotten you a job before meeting you then that is definitely a scam. Also, be very wary of agents who make false promises such as,”I can make you a star.” or “You will be famous in no time.”These are lies; no agency can honestly promise you that. Modeling is hard work and it takes time to get to the top. Anyone promising you overnight success is a liar. Most models start by earning less than $200 for their first jobs then they work their way up in the industry, built their reputation over a period of time and that’s when they start earning a lot of money.

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